Got To Have Soul

In a world where rap music could lazily and racist labelled ‘the music of Black criminals,’ as BBC Radio 1 DJ called it, came the joyous, surreal world of De La Soul. Themed around the concept of a game show, 3 Feet High and […]

Terry Hall

One of the abiding memories of those of us of a certain age in 1981 is Terry Hall and company packed into a 1961 Vauxhall Cresta, driving past of the concrete wastelands of east London and telling us all about a ghost town where […]

Tracy Chapman

A recent NPR All Songs Considered podcasts had me thinking about Tracy Chapman. It was time to listen again and remind myself what made this album great. 1)     Talkin’ Bout a Revolution It’s 1988 , Cliff Richard has the best-selling song of the year, […]

Hammering Hank

There aren’t many sportspeople who get a song written for them. I don’t mean one of those, usually short-lived, chants that are sung by the crowd for a favourite. I mean a real song, a song that you walk around humming. Hank Aaron, who […]

Live and Direct!

Live and Direct! According to my computer it will take me 143, 160 minutes to listen to all the music saved on my it. So the challenge is set, let’s listen to each song at least once in the next year. Why didn’t I […]