Valentine’s Day

I was travelling on the metro when I saw this woman. The trip was long, long enough to imagine her story. There is an audio version at the end of the page. She was travelling home alone. There had been an argument and he’d […]

Brighton – My Generation

May 1964: People try to put us down – talkin’ ‘bout my generation! Each generation has its own ideas, its own thoughts, its own hang-ups and doubts. Each generation believes its ideas are new and unique, each generation is sure that the thoughts it […]

Belfast’s Children

January 2012 and Ioana’s parents were tired arrived they had arrived. It was a long journey from Romania to Belfast, but finally they had made it after two days on a bus, two journeys across water, and two days finding a place to stay. […]

The Book Worm

Her name was Matilda, but she wasn’t that Matilda. You’ve seen the film, perhaps the brighter ones of you have even read the book, and think you know who Matilda is. But this Matilda wasn’t that Matilda. This Matilda was Matilda Jones and she […]

The Cellar Ghost

Vlad is a name that is very common where I live. To be called Vlad is not to suggest in any way that you may be blood thirsty or evil intending.  It’s possible that your parents just imagined that one day you would grow […]