Burns Night 2023 – Bannocks

Bannocks O' Bear Meal

Bannocks o’ bear meal,
Bannocks o’ barley,
Here’s to the Highlandman’s Bannocks o’ barley.

Robert Burns
As it's Burns Night, January 25, I've decided to make a traditional Scottish flatbread called bannocks. Why this bread? Well, Robert Burns wrote about many of the common things of Scottish life, from mice to lice! He wrote about our most famous food, the haggis, but he also has a poem about Bannocks.

In the past beremeal would be used for this recipe, but it's almost impossible to find today, so I've used flour. Try itself by using the recipe here, https://scottishscran.com/scottish-bannocks-recipe/, and following the video. #robertburns #scotland
Making bannocks


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